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Daily Archives: March 26, 2011

Alternatively Alternative 2

Some time ago, I stumbled across a very interesting magazine response by the mecha maestro himself, Yoshiyuki Tomino. I’m not going to say any more at this point, but it seemed to me his nickname Kill-Em-All Tomino doesn’t only apply to his work in the industry, but apparently he’s also quite harsh in real life. That’s not to say he doesn’t have a point, though. While I kind of feel bad for the girl he responded to, I also think Tomino was right in telling her how demanding the anime/manga industry in Japan could be.

It’s still impressive how young people are inspired enough to even think about working in anime where the pay is low and the work can be tremendously hard, even today. Manga seems more enticing, but even there the demands are the same. After all, not every manga artist can make it big. It’s hard enough just landing a gig in a magazine. It just makes the people who do make names for themselves in the industry even more respectable, much more those who become household names. I just wonder how much young blood manages to enter the industry ever year and survive in it.




God’s Child (Nishioka Kyoudai)

Having only heard of┬áthe Nishioka siblings (brother and sister) in passing just about a year or two ago, I didn’t have any idea as to how they drew manga. As such, I didn’t know what to expect when I first sat down to read their latest work, God’s Child. The concept was intriguing, given the art I saw. As I read it, though, I felt like this just isn’t a manga you just sit down to read casually. It’s bleak, chilling, and unabashedly brutal. I didn’t expect the manga to achieve that kind of morbid effect with the spare, almost abstract art it employed, but I was surprised at how well it worked. The manga was an enjoyable read, even if it didn’t leave me with a good taste in my mouth. And I think it’d be the same for everyone else too.


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