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Daily Archives: April 1, 2011

Young Animator Training Project #1

In the early days of this upstart blog, I’ve already been thinking about blogging an ongoing anime series or two. But since I’m lazy and my consistency is suspect, I elected not to. Trying to retrieve substance from an episode and trying to enjoy the whole affair at the same time is too much for my brain to handle. In some ways I admire most of the anime bloggers who can do this, even though I may not necessarily agree with what they’re saying. This is also why I only stuck with movies and short OVAs. I guess I need something to hold my interest enough to do that stuff week after week.

And that’s where this baby comes in. I’ve been interested in this series since I watched the trailer for the first time last month (here I go with trailers again), and this time I’m glad that I’ve been treated to something enjoyable. The first episode I watched was simple, delicate and easy on the eyes. It had a bit of emotion, even. I’m looking forward to the rest of the set, though some more than others.


cant be bothered to get some actual episode caps


Young Animator Training Project – Ojisan no Lamp (Telecom Animation Film)

An initiative started by the JAniCA (Japan Animation Creators Association) and funded by the Japanese government’s Agency for Cultural Affairs, the Young Animator Training Project is designed to train young animators in the industry by putting them to work on full 23-minute episodes of anime. There has been a concern that more and more of the production jobs in anime are being outsourced to other countries, and I guess this is the industry’s first step to answering that. It’s a respectable effort, since this taps into the young blood in the industry and gives them valuable work experience. Baby steps, is what this initiative basically is, but we all have to start somewhere. Of course, the young animators are supervised by industry veterans. The mix of the old and the new should be interesting to watch.


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