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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Two in One

No post about [C] episode 5 this week, since I’ve been far too busy taking care of other stuff to even think about it, and I found the episode itself to be nothing special–a step down from the upward course the show was heading since three weeks ago. And doing a post about it now would be way too late. The story did keep on moving forward with its slow yet assured pace, so there’s some more speculation fodder to be had for people with such inclinations. There’s quite literally hundreds more places to go for those, so I leave it in their hands to talk about that stuff. I sense that the quality of ep 5 was just another bump in the road, though, and hopefully there’s more interesting stuff in the next episode.

That said, I’ve still been making room for cartoons despite that, and I’ve found myself catching up with Texhnolyze after a long break. Interestingly enough, my interest in it increased even after taking a break off it for several months, and despite the fact that I wasn’t too taken by it when I first started it. It’s a curious thing. Its director, Hiroshi Hamasaki, is now in charge of that new show Steins;Gate–which I kind of liked at first but not so anymore–and his style is unmistakable in both, in terms of the minimalist approach to sound and the uniformly flat-looking colors and art. Still, both shows are markedly different. Texhnolyze just feels more accomplished and more in tune with the story (courtesy of Chiaki J. Konaka), whereas Steins feels like it thrusts much of the load on one character too much of the time, and at times it clashes with the style of the show(some eps feel as if they’re 20 mins too long).  I don’t know if it’s because of the source material. But Steins is still a solid show, and I’m still watching both.

i'd watch bambi in the future

Koi Sento (Shuhei Morita, Sunrise)

Sunrise’s new (well, not exactly new–it was shown last year) one-off anime project Koi Sento reminded me of the job they’ve done with some parts of their movie King of Thorn, with how they animated the people moving around and just ‘doing’ things. What I saw in that film didn’t sit well with me, and I found those bits of digitally enhanced animation (I don’t know the exact term for it) one of the most glaring distractions of that movie. It was only now that I’m writing this that I realize how foolish I was for thinking back to that film, when in truth, I’ve already seen this method earlier than the film. True enough, I’ve witnessed something very similar to this style before in that short film Kakurenbo, where 3D and 2D were mixed together under a still-very-anime aesthetic. And it turns out that the people behind this latest effort were the same people behind Kakurenbo (Shuhei Morita handled much of everything in Kakurenbo and wrote and directed Koi Sento), which surprised me, for Koi Sento was a very different creature–not better, but different.

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Spring noitaminA week 4

i kinda miss the avants; every other show seems to have those these days

[C] #4

After watching the hilarity that was AnoHana episode 4, I feel that I can now finally focus my attention on its partner show for the season (which wouldn’t be that obvious based on this poor blog). Surely they were trying to be as serious as they could possibly be or that last sequence when they revealed what they did, but it just came off to me as seriously hilarious. It must have been the way they showed all that with a straight face. Such an absurd scenario all told with a visible effort to be serious and dramatic, to me, backfired and almost ruined whatever impact they were going for with the character and with the show in general. Sometimes it’s just those things which don’t even try to be funny that are the most comical.

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Spring noitaminA week 3

become a magical entrepreneur, he said

C #3

Complain loud enough, and sooner or later your wishes might be granted. Well, I wasn’t exactly complaining loudly, but it seems there’s someone out there in the anime world who heard my, and I’m sure a lot of people’s, gripes about [C], that they put out a better product for last week. I’m also getting used to the conventional stylistic approach they chose for the show, and am also slowly swallowing the idea that they did shift their focus in terms of presentation for this TV series. It’s still only 3 episodes in, but I sense that it’s safe to say that episode 3 has the combination that they’re aiming for all the while, save for the increase in action. That would have to wait until the next episode, at the very least.

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