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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Spring noitaminA (END)

awesome ep was awesome

C #11 (END)

After a few weeks of steadily increasing build-up and excitement, every development in the show finally came to a head in last week’s finale. And boy, what a finale that was. The sheer impact of the episode alone was enough to wipe out all the doubts I’ve had  about the show since the first few weeks it aired. Sure the first few episodes were a bit spotty, but little by little it caught its stride at the right time and sustained that drive until the end. Not only did the series slowly begin to deliver on the action front, it also managed to build and heighten the interest brought by the particulars of the story–namely, the stuff about the Financial District and such. Most of the economic mumbo-jumbo got over my head, but the presentation and the flow were dramatic enough that I didn’t care anymore. If anything, I shouldn’t have doubted Kenji Nakamura. He did bring the goods here, and then some. It just took getting past the halfway mark of the series to happen.


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say hello to my little friend

Colorful (Ryutaro Nakamura, Triangle Staff)

If not for anime databases listing this production as a TV series, I would have finished watching this anime thinking that it had been a movie or an extra-long OVA or whatever: with the fact that I watched a stitched-together version of the sixteen TV episodes definitely helping. It wouldn’t have even crossed my mind that it was divided into sixteen parts, much less think of it as something that was aired on TV. But that’s just what happened–so seamless were the transitions from one ep to the next that the whole thing itself may just as well have been made as a movie. Part of the reason may be attributed to the guys who pasted all 16 eps together (in the version I watched), but I think much of that reason lies in the episodes themselves. There’s a really visible sense of fun and playfulness abound in all of them, stretching from the visual gags of the eps themselves straight to the slapdash, yet vibrant stuff in between. It’s clear that the guys behind this Colorful project enjoyed doing what they did, playing everything with a twisted eye for fun, but also with a careful touch to prevent it from sliding into over-indulgence.

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Return 2

not to be confused with that other "colorful"


Colorful (Keiichi Hara, Sunrise)

Back to blogging about cartoons I am after what felt like an eternity without internet access (that and other business). As such the backlog I’ve acquired is tremendous, and I think I may even have some of the shows I picked up, and now I’m also way out of the loop when it comes to anime…but anyway, I digress. Two weeks ago (or was it three?) I finally had the chance to watch this film, which I’ve been keeping an eye out on for quite some time (also after I watched Coo). Since I watched Coo, I’ve already taken a liking to the director, for his stubborn and almost methodical approach to his work, not only in terms of the framing and some such technical stuff, but also in terms of the content, like the dramatic aspect. And he does it while still maintaining a high degree of visual interest for the two hours or more his films run. 2010 saw Hara’s return to movies with Colorful, a film which more or less continues in the trend I’ve seen set in 2007’s Coo.


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