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The Three Episode Rule

We’re already a month into the winter anime season, and it seems as if it’s going the way I expected it to go. Nothing spectacular, albeit there are a few neat surprises here and there. I’ve been following about five or so TV anime, but I’m close to dropping one. It’s embarrassing to say that the said series was one thing I expected to be a personal surprise hit. Oh well, it can’t be helped. Anyway, most other anime bloggers have written about almost every airing series out there from episode 1, but as a staunch follower of the “three-episode rule”, I refused to do the same. Normally a TV anime series has its quality or enjoyability factor decided by episode 3, so I’m going to start judgment from there.

This is also why I’m not going to write about the current noitaminA series until their respective third episodes have aired (or if they strike me enough to write about them).


Puella Magi Madoka Magica #3

This show still isn’t the dark and brooding subversion of the mahou shoujo formula which some people have been hyping it up as, but it has shown signs. The show does have potential, and it is expressed here in the latest episode. Not only because it has an instance of character death done in a semi-grisly manner, but also because I feel that it finally began to settle into its own element here. It’s hard to tell if the show will build on that and become a more-than-average show or fall flat on its face later on, but the third episode is a good enough start. I’m eager to watch more.


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