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Pardon My French

As I was looking through the list of anime last year for my recap post a few days back, I noticed there were a number of titles that flew under the radar throughout the duration of the year. There were a few TV anime, and also a few OVAs/specials/movies. Some of those titles sounded like throwaway animated fluff (like video game/card game adaptations) but the rest actually seemed interesting.The movies were of particular interest. Obviously the means of obtaining these are different from that of normal TV anime and I felt then that it was regrettable not to be able to watch these movies due to over-reliance on fansubbers and such. Fortunately some of them eventually got released–though I wasn’t really that overjoyed after watching.

I have pretty high expectations of the other yet-unreleased films (Space Show, Redline, Colorful, Mai Mai) and I hope they deliver when they finally get out on the DVD/BD market. Mai Mai Miracle was shown on theaters way back in 2009, but I still don’t see any decent release yet, which is a travesty.

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