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Young Animator Training Project #3

So it turns out that PA Works’ new spring anime Hanasaku Iroha has been generating a lot of buzz in the anime fan sphere lately (at least in those places I visit regularly). I wasn’t too hyped about it when I first heard about it, since I wasn’t really sure which direction it was going to take, but after sitting down to watch the first episode, I was pleased with what I saw. Episode 1, at least, had tight presentation, brisk pacing, plus smooth and steady character introductions and interactions. It was a nice start. Though, I’m going to have to wait until the series is at least three episodes in for me to really sink my teeth into it. What the first episode did tell me, however, was that it was wrong for me to think of Masahiro Andou as purely an action guy. His work here was impressive.

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mamiko noto has a nice voice


Young Animator Training Project #3 – Tansu Warashi (Kazuchika Kise, Production I.G)

As opposed to the other two preceding episodes of the YATP, this one doesn’t have a lot of things going for it. I expected good things from this alongside Kizuna because of the name value of the staff, but I found myself a bit deflated after watching it. Not that the episode itself was bad; it’s just that it just I came away with the feeling that it was just too slimmed down to be a part of the YATP. Ojisan ran in a similar vein as Tansu, but the former just had a lot more things, well, going on. You saw deliberate and controlled character acting in Ojisan, whereas in Tansu there just wasn’t enough of a sense of vitality to carry it through to the end. I just wanted a bit more life in this ep, considering that it is a part of an animation initiative.


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