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Young Animator Training Project #2

I think I’m not alone here when I say that there won’t be another TV mecha anime to be released any time soon with as high a quality of sheer workmanship as the finale of Bones’ Star Driver. That episode felt like a movie trapped inside a TV episode, with the staff list filled with its own fair share of feature-level animators. It was a purely exhilarating affair from start to finish, totally bombarding the viewers with its sheer power and energy for 24 full minutes. The whole series was a mixed bag for me, but overall it was a very fun watch much in the same way as most Enokido anime are.

But, since this isn’t a Star Driver post, let’s end it there.


even while kicking ass, kizuna is still cute as hell


Young Animator Training Project – Kizuna Ichigeki (Mitsuru Hongo, Ascension)

´╗┐If Ojisan no Lamp was a more delicate and balanced episode, this one is the direct opposite. This, I guess, is where the young animators involved in this initiative really strutted their stuff under the supervision of a fun director, a respected art director, and a very loose and flexible character designer. It’s a very enjoyable show that I feel really reflects the background of the supervisory staff, and shows how well the old and the new collaborated to form a good product. Not coincidentally, this was one of the parts of the series that I’ve looked forward to the most, and I’ve got to say I wasn’t disappointed at all.


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