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A Little Something

everything went better than expected

Otona Joshi no Anime Time – Kawamo o Suberu Kaze (The Answer Studio)

It’s always neat discovering little pieces of animation floating around seemingly hidden under the radar, overshadowed, apparently, by all the attention showered upon the more standard fare shown on TV. Well, sometimes they’re obscured for a reason, but there are also times where they’re unexpectedly good. Though I don’t really think this particular short film was obscured or hidden in any way, since after all, this one aired on the NHK (midnight, though it was) and was based on a story by a Naoki Prize – winning author, plus, it appeared geared towards the general public, beyond the spectrum of what people normally assume to be the ordinary anime viewer base. It just went about its business without any loud fanfare, did its job and went out. Which is part of the reasons I liked it.

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