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Not that I think anyone would miss me or anything, but I was gone for two days because of an unfortunate hardware problem. I don’t think I’ve missed anything substantial though, except for the news about the Berserk movie project that was supposed to come out on January 8. Initial word about it sounded awesome–a straight-up adaptation of the whole manga into a series of animated films–and the first one of the series was supposed to be slated for release this year. They were talking about “expanding it worldwide” or something like that, and I’m curious as to how they will go about that. A worldwide theatrical release of an anime film is quite unlikely, so I think they’re going to use the internet for it. But whatever they do, it will be one of the events of 2011, that’s for sure. And oh yeah, rumors have long been circulating which say renowned artist studio Studio 4C will be in charge of the whole project, which is all the more awesome. Though I wonder how they will handle a project on such a scale as this. True, they’ve been around the world, but Berserk isn’t exactly a kind of project you’d expect them to tackle. If it really is true, then I hope it wouldn’t conflict with production on Koji Morimoto‘s new film (if he still is making it, that is). I, for one, am hoping for Yasuhiro Aoki (Kung-Fu Love, Batman: Gotham Knight’s In Darkness Dwells, Tweeny Witches) to take charge of this. He is one of the most promising directors in the industry today, and goodness knows he deserves a big break. And what could be a bigger break than a Berserk movie?



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