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Young Animator Training Project #4

One thing that impresses me about Jiro Matsumoto (Freesia, Tropical Citron, Keep on Vibrating) is mainly his art. He’s one of the artists I know who can draw tantalizingly sexy women using lots of rough and sketchy lines with very defined features. The faces of the women he draws are luscious and positively alluring. Probably, I can compare him to Samura when it comes to drawing humans (Samura is just more technically adept, IMO). It also helps that he isn’t averse to drawing a few sex scenes here and there. Still, I have to say the only manga of his that I can say I really enjoyed would be Tropical Citron, as the whole thing is condensed “sex, drugs, and rock and roll” set in trippy psychedelic constructs. And perhaps that manga is the most well-suited for translation to animation too. It just needs a capable set of people to take charge.

Moving on, it’s kinda rewarding to finally finish episodically blogging a series, now that I think about it…


this guy looks more like earthworm jim than a carrot to me


Young Animator Training Project #4 – Bannou Yasai Ninninman (Masayuki Yoshihara, PA Works)

Here we are at last to the last installment of the YATP animation initiative. The whole thing so far has had its fair share of slow patches, but all the parts have been consistently watchable. It shames me to say that it was only while watching Ninninman that I noticed how there was a pattern to the entire project. One one side you have the vibrant and energetic kind of animation in both Kizuna Ichigeki and Ninninman, and on the other you have the slower and more character-oriented kind in both Ojisan no Lamp and Tansu Warashi–each with varied results. I’m just really really slow, I guess.


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