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I mentioned a few posts back that I was planning on doing a 2010 anime recap of sorts. Actually I wanted to do it before the new year starts, but the schedule of anime wasn’t really cooperative. I wanted to wait until I watched all the final episodes of all the anime I was still keeping up with, so I got late again. Why wait, you ask? Well, sometimes a good anime that has been consistently fun to watch during its run can suddenly turn sour at the very last episode, and at worst cases it can even diminish the overall impact of the anime. Normally these are brought about by untied loose threads and abrupt cliffhangers for sequels that probably won’t get produced until a few years later (I’m looking at you Kaiji).

Luckily the fall anime season wrapped up this week, and I finally watched the ends of all my shows. As always, things like this are only based on personal enjoyment and preference, but differing opinions are still welcome. In fact, I’d like to hear them.

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