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Rain and Speed

I actually don’t have anything worthwhile to write about today, but since I’ve been in the mood for blogging lately, I feel that I should put down my thoughts on a few pieces of animation/an animator that I’ve stumbled upon and liked quite some time ago. They were refreshing little pieces, each having its own quirk and flavor, and are interesting in their own ways.¬†It’s a rewarding feeling when you find something interesting completely by happenstance.

I guess what interested me most about these two shorts was how different each of them are from each other. One is a hyper-kinetic splash of ¬†flashy exaggeration and exciting speed, while the other touches down on the ground and tells a more subdued, personal story. The core of the works is the same, though. The detailed backgrounds suit the tone of the pieces well, and the animation is lively and quite convincing. I liked the way the switch from one approach to the other didn’t feel jarring. In the end, the underlying charm of the first film is retained in the next, albeit distilled into another form.



Fumiko’s Confession

The first short I caught more than a few months ago. I was pleasantly surprised when I sat down and watched the little 2-minute piece. It was fun, vibrant, energetic and refreshing. The short itself wasn’t that incredible, and the content not that unique, but the reason it’s most impressive is just that it’s fun. Animation without any kind of strings attached to it–it’s just something upbeat, also it’s something that can even brighten up a gloomy day. In TV anime, shots of animation that is unabashedly exciting happen to be few and far between, thus I was delighted when I caught this.

The creator, Hiroyasu Ishida, has his own youtube channel which you can find here, and his own website, which you can find here. The various production details and information about the creator is in his site, so you can see how the two pieces were made.


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