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Birthday Girl

I’ve only just noticed this about two days ago, but now I see that I have actually already lasted a year into this anime-blogging business. Lots of other, better, blogs have been around for far longer, and I take my hats off to them, but when I think about it, my blog staying alive for a year is an impressive feat in itself, and is thus worth talking about. I never did plan on writing about silly cartoons and comics from the Land of the Rising Sun for very long time, hell, I was expecting to burn out three months into it. But here I am, still rattling away on the keyboard. I’d even gained some positive reactions and a few readers, and for that I am grateful. They’re not a lot, but still, I’d like to thank those who bothered to read (and commented on) this little blog. I hope you continue to read whatever shit I put in here. Also, a shout-out to the guys on the blogroll. I never thought I’d get that many on there.


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